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by | Jun 11, 2019 | Marlins

What’s up, Swings and Mishes fam? It’s me, JT. No, not that JT or THAT J.T., just Jeremy.

While Luis brought you through the Marlins Draft and Ian updated you on what’s going on down on the farm in incredible detail, I wanted to write a quick piece to address what’s going on with the Fish at the big league level and tell you some of what you can expect from us on this site moving forward in terms of coverage.

First, let’s talk about the baseball. The Marlins are fun! There, I said it. I’ll shout it from the rooftops if I have to. While there are still some games worth pulling your hair out over, this team has turned into the scrappy, over-achieving bunch we all hoped for headed into the season.

I don’t want to get into the stats. I don’t even want to get into the record over the last month. This isn’t about record. It’s time to let that go at this point. This WILL be one of the 5 worst teams in baseball based on record — they got off to a historically bad start, and as the year winds down and some of these starting pitchers reach their innings limits, it likely won’t be pretty. That said, it’s time to simply focus on what will be right in front of your face for the next couple of months and enjoy, as Don Henley would say, the “boys of summer” at Marlins Park. (If thought you were going to avoid corny 1980’s references because I’m 24, I regret to inform you, you were sadly mistaken…)

If you’ve listened to any of our podcasts, you’ll know positivity has sort of become my #brand, but why can’t that be something we all strive for over the next few months? Try an exercise: every Marlins game you watch, pick out something that brought you joy. It could be a performance from one of the young, electric starting pitchers, a home run from Garrett Cooper or Brian Anderson, a hustle-play from Harold Ramirez, or even a grin from Jorge Alfaro or Austin Dean. No matter the score, remember the entertainment baseball brings you and the memories it can create. From the day this article is published, I will be tweeting out a thread of some of the moments that make me smile from every game I cover for the rest of the year, and I’d love if you guys participated in that with me.

This team has a few bright spots to feel good about a semblance of a core going forward — In fact, I just named most of them in the paragraph above. So, while the Marlins might have to luck out for any of those players to turn into legitimate superstars, there’s enough hope at the big league level, reinforcements on the way, and a plan in place to enjoy what you’re watching with some peace of mind. It’s a moment for a collective breath from the fan base — a space to sit back, enjoy a hot dog at the ballpark, and enjoy this marvelous game with friends and family.

Before I wrap this up, let me just say this — when it comes to what you expect from us here, feel free to have the same relaxed attitude. Why over-analyze and overthink when you can come to our site or our podcast for all of the information you need? Our relaunch is going to make Swings and Mishes your one-stop shop for all the Marlins coverage you could need. While I, personally, will be playing a sort of “utility” role across all of our platforms, we have a bunch of additions to the team who I believe are the best of the best. I couldn’t be more excited to get to work with Daniel, Ian, Luis, and Oscar and to expand my work with Mike. And, obviously, I am thrilled and honored to continue to work in such a creative manner through Craig’s vision, and I know he is going to continue to bring you information and analysis you simply cannot find anywhere else.

We are Swings and Mishes. We are dedicated to the best Marlins coverage. We are in this for the long haul. We are here for you now, and we will be here for you if and when the Marlins are winning championships. So, welcome to the start of something beautiful.


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